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Why should I upgrade my garage door opener?

06/08/2014 Back To Blog

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As we all know, it is much easier to install a garage door opener, than installing an actual garage door. However, it is important to install it properly, in order to avoid problems. You could either take the help of a trained garage door system technician, or follow the instructions from the manufacturer and do it yourself manually. It is also essential to install a garage door opener reinforcement bracket at the top part of the door, or else it may damage the door. Garage Door Opener 24/7 Services


  • An important reason to consider changing your garage door opener is when it gets out of balance and feels unusually heavy.
  • One of its main functions is to open well balanced doors. If you feel that the opener is noisy and it disrupts the activities of your household, then replacing it with a new one will solve the problem. Replacing an old fashioned model consisting of a chain drive, with a modern version comprising of a screw driver or belt drive garage opener, is a good idea. Newer models will be definitely quieter than older versions.
  • Replacing your garage door opener with a new one, make your belongings secure from thieves. It is possible for someone having access to a special device, to sit outside your home, find the fixed code and open your garage door. Some of the latest garage door openers come with a feature named ‘rolling code’ that alters the code each time the unit is used. This prevents unauthorized entries to your garage as they will no longer be able to duplicate the code.
  •  Modern openers also come with unique features like entering a code into the keypad to open it and this eliminates the need to carry the keys.
  • Upgrading to a new version is especially useful, if you cannot install a keypad to your current device.
  • Some keypads even come with the ability to detect fingerprints, and the user does not even have to remember any code.
  • Battery backup systems are extremely useful in case of power outages.
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