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When you're in the process of building your brand new home or if you're doing some remodeling, you probably have a 'to do list' entry that simply states – "garage". The garage is a very important part of the home that we often use. To gain entry, we have to move a rather heavy door, in fact, the heaviest in any house. While it is possible to lift this heavy door up with the help of springs, doing so manually can be quite a hassle. That's why we're here to help.Garage Door Openers

The Mechanical Difference

The benefit of automating your garage is – convenience. With the help of a powerful drive motor unit, the garage door can be raised with a single push of the remote. This allows you to get in your car and drive off to work without the need to get out and manually close the door. If you've been doing it manually for a while now, the difference you'll feel with even just the first use of your new garage door opener will be quite dramatic.

The Choice to Make

To enjoy the convenience of having an automated mechanical arm lift your door for you, you first need to select the best kind to use. Aside from the differences in the brands, the main thing that you need to consider is the drive assembly your new motor will use. If you don't want to make a racket every time you go out for a drive, then we recommend the belt drive garage door opener. If the sound of metal hitting metal doesn't bother you that much, you can choose the classic chain drive opener or the screw driven one.

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