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If you have any questions about garage doors, scroll below to read the best answers.

How can I ensure garage door stability?

Garage doors are stable only when they're checked and repaired often. The best solution according to our experts in  Cresskill is to schedule regular maintenance service. The door will be balanced and steady only when garage door parts are in perfect condition as well. They must be all checked and problems must be fixed.

Which parts must I measure before door replacement?

It's very important to give emphasis to particular parts of the garage depending on the door type. As an overall, you almost always need to measure the headroom over the door opening, the backside – especially if you get overhead doors, the full dimension of the garage's opening and the space just in front of it.

How often should I have my garage door serviced?

Garage doors and openers are heavily used day to day and they are very prone to wearing out. Our experts suggest that the servicing of your garage door be done at least annually. They also encourage proper maintenance to avoid spending too much on repairs and tune-ups.

What is the best type of garage door opener?

Garage door openers come in four types: direct drive, belt drive, chain drive, and screw drive. While there is no single best type, our professionals in Garage Door Repair Cresskill can recommend the preferred type for your specific needs. Belt drives are often quieter, screw drives require less maintenance, and direct drives are best for small garage door spaces.

Does my garage door need a lock?

A mechanical lock will make the door more secure. However, it must never be used together with the opener. If the door is locked and someone starts the motor, the opener will strain to open the door and this can cause serious damage to the device and to the door’s hardware. When you decide to lock the door, be sure to disconnect the opener first.


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