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Learn more about garage doors, their materials, new electric openers and how to deal with problems with these tips

Avoid repairs on your own

Garage door repairs are not as easy as one might think. The easiest task can be difficult since usually more than one component is implicated. In order to fix the extension springs you must also deal with the cable and the pulleys. Our experts in  Cresskill remind you that people who try to become handymen often get injured.

Get stainless steel rollers

Steel garage door rollers are long-lasting but they can get eroded over the years. Nylon rollers are great and noiseless but not recommended for heavy doors and moisture places. If you want rollers to last long and especially if you live in regions with high humidity, it is best to get stainless steel to avoid rust.

Caked garage door hinges

There are two main culprits in this. The first is the buildup of grease and dust. The second is the remains of snowflakes during the winter. You can reduce the former through regular cleaning and the use of a high quality silicone lubricant. The latter is best dealt with by using proper weather proving and stripping.

Try the wall button if the opener does not start with the clicker

If the button works, then the issue must be with the garage door remote control. Replace its batteries and try using it again. If it does not work, it must be fixed in a timely manner. In case the electric operator is not engaged with the button, it must be checked and repaired.

Position the control panel appropriately

Kids love playing with garage doors, especially the game in which they trigger the door to close and try to race it by going underneath it as fast as possible. While some may find that to be innocuous, it is best to position the control panel slightly above the average height so that your kids cannot easily reach it. Keeping the buttons out of the reach of small children will prevent any misuse and consequent mishaps.

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